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About Us

Welcome to Budget Pilot Supplies


It's Steve here,

Thanks for dropping by...if your interested in saving money of pilot supplies and the like, your in the right place.

Welcome RA-Aus pilots, Owner Pilots, Student Pilots, Instructors, Charter Pilots, Airline Pilots and enthususts.

I know  many of us are on tight budgets and live from month to month to persue our dreams. My customers are dollar conscious aviators, who look for value for money - and need to make every cent count.

My customers have made a clear choice. You can choose to save money... or not, simple as that.   You will see my prices are pretty cheap, the cost of shipping  very reasonable and the service – well you can judge for yourself.

Because I like helping folks, I have live help installed on the site, if you see the icon green then you can contact me live and chat if you want to know more information about a product. Live help works like live email, you send me a message and I type back to you with a reply.

We have over 300 products online and quite a few categories, inside the categories are sub-categories to refine the search further. To complete your order the last stage is to click the link that says "Click here to complete order"after completing a payment.

Thanks for dropping by today, I promise to keep my prices low, but in return I would like you to spread the word, tell your friends about Budget Pilot Supplies and ask them to take a look, and don't forget to let your flying school know too.

Again welcome and please browse around my site,


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